RACES in the Rifts:

BASEIAN: A semi aquatic race that lives in settlements along the Great Rift River and in their last remaining city of Biyalan. Baseians tend to be fairly androgynous, very pale skinned, with large, luminous eyes, and white hair. They can seem somewhat uniform in appearance to  the other races, but there are subtle dappled patterns on their shoulders and forearms that are unique as fingerprints.

COUSTLET:  A race of hulking lemur men. Preferring the isolation on the fringes of the known world, there are few coustlet in the settlements close to the Great Rift River. Clan groups are seen in the cities are only there for trade and tend to be tight lipped about their culture and  homeland, if they even have one. coustlet that can be found living in Rift Cities are not there by choice, however they almost never can be coaxed to divulge the specifics of their exile. It goes without saying the coustlet are subject to a great deal of flagrant rumor.

EIDLEMARK: The eidlemark are most easily defined by their unique and diverse array of horns and antlers, bent furred legs, long tails and hooves. As a general rule they are highly social and affectionate and prefer to cluster together whether at home or abroad. Known for their agriculture, herbalism and healing, music, food and drink, some have made the mistake of disregarding the eidlemark’s warrior culture and hot tempers.

ENGINE CHILDREN: The ancient, diverse group know as the Engine Children are a shadow of what they were. Pre-Rupture their civilizations spanned all the vaulted underground reaches of the world. Their varied societies were advanced in the arts, stonework and metallurgy.

KEF: The tall, elegant, dark skinned kef are one of the most ancient and established races that evolved in the Great Rifts. Existing long before the Rupture, the kef ranged across the continent and built grand cities dedicated to opulence, culture and scholarship. The kef prize the pursuit of knowledge, in particular mathematics, philosophy, astronomy, and the arts.  They are also partial to sensual pursuits. Ornate clothing and ostentatious meals are a hallmark of these people regardless of geography. Bengan fashions in particular set the trend throughout the other Rift Cities.

UPSHEER:  It’s only been in the past 300 years the other races of the rifts learned the truth about the huge crane men. For generations they had been known as Poisoner Birds, highly dangerous but possessing beautiful plumage in high demand among the Kef nobility. Fortunes were made in their slaughter and in the fine coats made from their feathers.
Until a young kef naturalist discovered that what was thought to be dumb animals were a sophisticated and ancient culture possessing their own written language, society, art and cities built in the upper canopies of the forests. It’s taken a long time to come close to repairing relations between the upsheer and the ‘thick tongue’ peoples, as the upsheer call those not of their own kind. Still in the rift cities the upsheer are thought of as second class citizens due to their inability to speak Trade Tongue and their alien way of life.