The creators of Deep Engines are a Portland, Oregon based trio of writers and artists with over a decade of experience in comics,
illustration, and game development.

Jack T Cole is a comics creator and illustrator who’s lush, immersive environments and unique perspective bring the Great Rifts to life. Epicurians’s Exile is his brainchild. Find more of his work on Tumblr & Twitter.

Conley Presler is a concept artist with a background in art production and video games. Her thoughtful, expressive figures and costuming flesh out the denizens of Deep Engines. Presler is the artist for The Goss. Find her on Twitter.

Leia Weathington is the writer and initial creator of Deep Engines. She puts words in the characters mouths and is the rudder steering the narrative ship through the turbulent currents of the Great Rift River. Find her on Twitter & her website.